IoT and Real Time Tracking

Transportation Management System Redefined.

Our solutions enables you to focus the power of modern technology to truly manage the complex and critical business role that your fleet plays everyday.

Let’s Face it – Whether working with a fleet of cars, trucks, trains, ships, or all of the above while navigating through changing gas prices, loading sizes, and compliance requirements, ever-changing details can cost you time, money and customers. Most companies today rely on logistic or fleet management systems that only provide incomplete, static information, or not fully integrated information – making real-time fleet control difficult if not impossible. That’s why we started Vaizva.
intelligent software solutions
Integrated Logistic Planning & Management Solution for Transportation
Predictive Transport Tracking
PTT is an integrated logistics planning system that enables you to track and modify complex shipment details in real-time.
Real Time Tracking
INSTANT DATA. INSTANT RESPONSE. Capture data as it happens and adjust to day-to-day changes easily.
Predictive Analytics
STAY AHEAD OF TOMORROW. Anticipate transportation needs to enable detailed planning.
Logistics solutions
COORDINTATED ONE STOP. Integrate all your systems into one for easy access and decision-making.
We had our eureka moment staring at the clouds. Now we leverage the strength of the SAP Cloud platform to make transportation management easy. We like easy… Don’t you?

Applications run on all major device platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone etc., with a unique blend of geo-tracking, positioning technology and spatial tracking solutions.

  • Automatic back-up
  • Build in cyber-security
  • Fast networking across multiple devices
For Automotive Car dealer/trader network
VaizTrack is the only vehicle tracking application that leverages the integration power of IoT technology to sync a variety of monitoring tools that eases vehicle fleet management.
Real Time Inventory
Locate vehicles location and health to monitor inventory and maintenance.
Predictive Analytics
Forecast maintenance and vehicle replacement needs and reduce ordering costs.
Remote Control
Integrate all your vehicle monitoring systems into one to give you control over any fleet anywhere, anytime.
SAP HANA Cloud platform (HCP)
A Performance-Driven Big Data Platform
SAP Cloud Platform is an enterprise with comprehensive application development services and capabilities. It enables customers to achieve business agility, create a truly integrated and optimized enterprise, and accelerate digital transformation across the business – all without the requirement of maintaining or investing in on-premises infrastructure.
View key vehicle data on demand to enable fast decision-making.
Leverage 1000+ pre-build and adaptable platform that makes compatibility to any system seamless.
Streamline the details of any size fleet thanks to SAP Cloud’s Big Data expandable platform.
Enjoy secured data storage and transmission to help you meet security standards.
SAP HANA Cloud Application Partner



The SAP Partner Edge program for Application Development provides SAP partners and providers with opportunities for deeper engagement with SAP. The benefits of this program for SAP services partners and providers cross a spectrum of areas. We are a member of the SAP Partner Edge program for Application Development. As an application development partner, we “Build, Extend, and Integrate Applications to Connect People, Processes, and Data – Anywhere.”

Hortonworks Consultant Partner



Partnerworks Consultant program is for consultants and system integrators that offer design, consulting and/or deployment services with our Connected Data Platforms (data in motion: Hortonworks Data Flow and data at rest: Hortonworks Data Platform). Consultants typically specialize in the larger solution stack, offering expertise in specific integrations such as analytics, data cleansing, financial or medical solutions.

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The IoT Magicians // By CIO Magazine

“VaizTrack’s intelligent software along with a physical device installed in vehicles can allow organizations to surveil and track their vehicles round the clock, monitor battery status and remotely disable battery in the event of theft. It can also help manage, maintain and retrieve vehicle and vehicle parts information efficiently and manage inventories with automated alerts. “

Read more on CIO Applications Magazine Page 51

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Our innovative transportation and fleet management systems will help you leverage the power of SAP Cloud and enable you to have more control and visibility than ever before.