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Robotic process automation is use of software robots to do repeatable, Rule based and high volume tasks that doesn’t require human judgement.


Existing RPA implemented companies expecting ROI 100-300% YoY.


RPA is easy to develop, deploy and maintain virtual workforce that can run 24/7, flexible and easy to scalable in short term.


Companies majorly transition existing workforce to do value add and novel decision making jobs and can go lean in size quickly.

Vaizva IoT and Artificial Intelligence

Vaizva is leader in cloud based IoT product based company.

Process automation

Technologies like presentation-layer automation software – a technology that mimics the steps of a rules-based, non-subjective process without compromising the existing IT architecture – are able to consistently carry out prescribed functions and easily scale up or down to meet demand.

Automated assistant

As in voice recognition software or automated online assistants, developments in how machines process language, retrieve information and structure basic content mean that RPA can provide answers to employees or customers in natural language rather than in software code.

RPA Roadmap

RPA or Smart automation is not a project it is a practice.

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