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Need to track or reroute your fleet? No problem. Need to manage and calculate impact of costs? No problem. Need to ensure all compliance steps have been taken dependent on transportation method? No problem. Need to have information about your inventory –right now. No problem. Need one centralized dashboard where you can manage all of it from your mobile phone –already included!

We get it. Effective transportation of goods and services is playing a more critical role than ever before –and speedy decisions are at the forefront of this trend in order to stay competitive.

That’s why Vaizva has combined the power of logistics experience with SAP Cloud to create a comprehensive one-stop platform that gives you all the information you need to make decisions –in real-time.

We’re here to serve 3PL, logistics and automotive professional that wants an easy-to-use and fully integrated system so that they can deliver results and manage costs. Plain and simple. Does this sound like you?

That’s why Vaizva creates intelligent software systems that adapts to your transportation and fleet management needs and give you the control you need to make timely decisions when it matters.



We’re Passionate Transportation and Fleet Management Innovators – Plain and Simple

We are business, manufacturing and technology professionals that are committed to giving transportation executives the control they need to truly manage the details involved with logistics.

Our hard-working team of IT, supply chain, and customer service experts are committed to creating easy-to-use programs that are comprehensive and customized to the transportation industry.

Together, we are here to innovate and redefine the Transportation and Fleet Management Industry.

IT + Engineering – It’s a Team and Technology Effort

In case you are interested in the full breath of our passion behind innovating the transportation and fleet management industry, let me share a bit about where it all began.

Our CEO was a former owner of a highly successful global plastics manufacturing company. In case you don’t know, the plastics manufacturing industry is highly commoditized –managing margins, while providing unprecedented service and innovations to the marketplace, is key to the survival of any company.

Working closely with his innovation team, he found ways to offer customers more flexibility and get more orders — –only to lose the profitability potential at the point of transportation. His team realized that manufacturers, and the transportation companies they worked with, also needed innovation that helped them manage all the details that can cut away at the success of a company.

With that, Vaizva was born – and we haven’t looked back since. Check us out – you won’t look back either.

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Our innovative cloud based applications will help clients to cut down their investment on huge IT implementation costs substantially by inexpensive subscription based models to optimize their business needs.